reaching out

Ace Care

 In 2015 when I decided to set up my own company and quickly we became successful running driving commercial and industrial divisions, however it was always my dream to run a “care division”, however in all honesty I had to wait for the right team to be in place to offer the service that I was happy to put our company name too.

When I first started to work in, way back in 1986 I wanted to work in the care industry, but my emotions always got the better of me and I to be honest I would come home an emotional wreck as I couldn’t handle to heart breaking situations I had entered.

This has always been a great regret, however it never stopped me dreaming of a way I could be involved and now I feel that this is the way. I can now direct my committed support and good intentions through supplying the highest quality care workers throughout the local community.

What makes an Ace carer stand out?

We are looking for the kind of experienced people that do this job as a career not a stop gap. Those with compassion, empathy and those that are committed.

Every part of our process is monitored, audited and done with the sole intention of making sure that we can hand on heart say we are providing the best staff to all our clients.

All care staff from Ace are thoroughly vetted, referenced and DSB checked – once satisfied with this stage we then conduct a thorough interview to ensure that we are only getting the cream of the crop to send to our clients.

The bench mark – we ask ourselves 1 simple question – would I want this person to look after our family member?

That’s a high standard I’m sure you’ll agree!

Go that extra mile

Where possible Ace Care Solutions would also like to build relationships with our clients and where ever the opportunity arises we would like to offer our services free of charge, coffee mornings or any kind of events that we can offer that you may feel would be beneficial. This in entirely voluntary work from our own committed staff.

Our promise to you – I want our agency to be an integral part of your team, that you can rely on and we can work together in times of need.

A personal support network that make your job easier and the first agency you call when you ned that extra support.