Rachel Mulligan – Director

3 sons Jack, Tommy and Declan

3 grandchildren – Alesha,Tristan and Jo

Recruitment seems to be in my blood! Well at least since 1999; I’ve tried to leave a couple of times but I keep coming back! I just love it!

Having served my time from Receptionist to Branch Manager covering temporary and permanent desks, all manner of industry sectors at various agencies, I thought it was about time I put all my skills to the test hence setting up my own agency in 2015.

This has now become a family business which I am immensely proud of.

I strived hard to make sure we bucked the trend and created a company whom highly rewards our dedicated staff. It’s always about the team for me. A happy workforce means they will work hard to provide only the very best service for our candidates and clients alike.

All of my time out of work is spent with my family, long walks and travelling, swimming and the gym.

Declan Mulligan – Finance Manager 

I am the youngest in the family and am very proud to help my mum run the business.

Seeing as Mum always worked in recruitment it has always been something that I had some interest in so when Mum decided to set up our family business I was eager to be part of it.

I have had a few years in admin and customer services and also construction so realised the importance of making sure that the client or customer is well looked after so recruitment was something that I could connect with easily.

My strength is numbers so the obviously route was a fiance role in the company. I also enjoy the sales aspect so tend to split my role whenever I can and jump on the phone, as a family business it is important to all pull together.

In my spare time I enjoy most sporting activities including football, festivals and the gym.

Louise Francis – Account Manager 

I have over 5 years experience within a customer service and client focused environment.

Having taken 2 years out to travel around Australia, Thailand and Africa which was  a complete life changing experience I decided that I wanted to get back into an working environment where I would be dealing with people again and so started at  YAP Ltd in December 2017.

I actually started as the temps administrator but as we were so busy I soon found myself naturally falling into an account manager role. I really enjoyed the fast pace and client/candidate interaction and I was soon promoted to permanent account manager role.

I am now proud to say that I am part of a dedicated team and look forward to making my desk a great success!