Rachel Mulligan – Director

3 sons – Jack, Tom and Declan

2 grandchildren – Alesha and Tristan

Recruitment seems to be in my blood! Well at least since 1999; I’ve tried to leave a couple of times but I keep coming back! I just love it!

Having served my time from Receptionist to Branch Manager covering temporary and permanent desks at various agencies, I thought it was about time I put all my skills to the test hence setting up my own agency in 2015.

This has now become a family business which I am immensely proud of.

Having built on my skills sets over the years I quickly decided that we should offer more and that’s why we are a Solution Management company and we also have a cleaning contract company too, a one stop shop!

I strived hard to make sure we bucked the trend and created a company whom highly rewards our dedicated staff. It’s always about the team for me. A happy workforce means they will work hard to provide only the very best service for our candidates and clients alike.

All of my time out of work is spent with my family, long walks and travelling, I’ve recently decided that a bucket list is in order so seem to be doing some rather bizarre things of late!!

Declan Mulligan – Finance Manager 

I am the youngest in the family and am very proud to be part of our business.

Seeing as Mum always worked in recruitment it has always been something that I had some interest in so when Mum decided to set up our family business I was eager to be part of it.

I have had a few years in admin and customer services and realise the importance of making sure that the client or customer is well looked after so recruitment was something that I could connect with easily.

My strength is numbers so when Mum offered me the chance to do my AAT courses and work towards Finance Director I jumped at the chance.I also enjoy the sales aspect so tend to split my role whenever I can and jump on the phone, as a family business it is important to all pull together.

In my spare time I enjoy most sporting activities including football, pool and the gym.

Jack Mulligan – Admin/Resource Manager 

I am happily married to Chrissy with 2 amazing children - Alesha and Tristan.

Before my career started I travelled around Australia and upon my return started a career in Sales and Customer Service and over the year’s crossing over into the construction industry working self employed as a fire proofing for the last 10 years.

When mum was setting up the agency I was extremely keen to join.

Building relationships and maintaining them is crucial part of business development and I believe that is a skill set we all have in the family.

I support the team resourcing excellent candidates for our clients and work in a team of two with Jess Reid who heads the commercial division.

I seem to be very good a processes and realised that a I have a natural talent training, therefore its my job to make sure everyone adheres to the legal requirements and necessary administration required.

In my spare time when not with my family I enjoy my job as a FA Level 1 Football Coach/Manager for under 12’s.

Gail Foster – Web Developer/General Go To Person

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Rachel and I went to the same school together but it has only been since 2012 we met up again and really re-connected, becoming very good friends. Travelling abroad together at least 3 times a year.

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I was so intrigued and excited with her business plan and the more we talked the more I knew that I had a great skill set to offer, when I realised that she thought the same it was a no brainer to join the team.

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I quickly started work developing the website for YAP and having always wanted to be self-employed I soon decided that I was ready to take the plunge and set up my own business; Go 2 Virtual Solutions.

AAT qualified and with a vast set of administration and credit control skills my business complimented their services.

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My role within the business is to developed and maintain the website but as Rachel says when asked something she often just replies "go to Gail" which is partly where I got my business name from. It seems to be a trend that most of my bosses have had over the last 16 years so decided to just go with it.

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In my spare time...haha who am I trying to kid. Working 2 businesses, a demanding son Tyler who is trying to get into UNI and 2 equally demanding dogs it’s a good job I'm an organised person...joking aside, in my spare time I love to travel (with Rachel usually) and experience new cultures.


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